Consolidated Insurance Brokers limited, is a corporate insurance brokerage firm which started operating in July 1977 providing advice and professional assistance to clients, to protect their property, assets, employees, earnings and liabilities on a cost-effective basis. A consolidated company excellent in their respective field, unquestionable in their service ability.The Company has developed into one of the leading insurance Brokerage firms in the Insurance industry today.


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It is not just about Insurance but what Insurance can do.

It would be hard to imagine you not being there for your family and even harder if they have no source of income You would be surprised at how insurance can be of great benefit when you have a life cover. It has helped many be able to live comfortably after their loved one is gone. They will be able to finish off the mortgage, they will be able to go to school, they will be able to eat and live comfortably all because of the decision you made.

The greatest lie we tell ourselves in business is that, that cannot happen to me. Indeed we know nothing about tomorrow, and especially as a business person you know life and business in general can come up with a lot of surprises. Some good and some very bad. Be it terrorism, machine breakdown or fire get covered and have that peace of mind in your business
The numbers in our county are horrifying when it comes to accidents. Be covered by us Whenever we get out the house in the morning we never think to ourselves that today might be that day my windshield gets shuttered. And when it happens. You look inside your pocket and every coin is budgeted for. No room for surprises today unfortunately. Well my friend that's where insurance comes in.
Everyone loves to have something they call their own place or their own piece of property. My plan is that once I finish this property and rent it out I can now use the money for doing this and that. Then along the road un unfrtunate suprprise such as fire comes to play and your plans have to be taked back to the drawing board. Well have that piece if mind my friend and get insured with us
Pay Your Premiums Via M-Pesa
  • Select “Pay Bill” from the M-Pesa menu
  • Enter the Consolidated Insurance Brokers business Number 133273
  • Enter your full Consolidated Insurance Brokers account number as ‘CONSOLIDATED’
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay i.e. Premium Amount
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Confirm that all details are correct.
    You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS.